(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Physical link
1. connection, bond, tie, link, concatenation; connective, interconnection; daisy chain; nexus, neck, isthmus; nape; bridge, tunnel, causeway, viaduct, etc. See contact, junction.
a. ligature, ligament; chain, sinew, tendon, umbilical cord.
b. strap; fastening, clasp, buckle, button, snap, hook [and eye], zipper, Velcro fastener.
c. lacing, latch, anchor, moorings, guy rope, hawser, grappling iron, painter; leash.
d. knot, slipknot, running knot, bowknot, surgeon's knot, square knot, granny knot, etc.
e. bracket, brace, clevis; hinge, hasp, shackle, wye; brace, clamp, clip, alligator clip.
3. (knots) anchor, barrel, becket, blood, bow, builder's, diamond, double, flat, granny, lanyard, loop, lubber's, manrope, mesh, nail, netting, open hand, overhand, prolonge, reef, rope-yarn, running, Shelby, shroud, single, slide, square, stevedore's, stopper, surgeon's, thumb, truelove, turle, wall, weaver's, or [half-]Windsor knot; [Blackwall, clove, half, harness, Magnus, marlinespike, marling, midshipman's, rolling, stunner, timber, or weaver's] hitch; [becket, carrick, fisherman's, heaving-line, reeving-line, sheet, or tack] bend; bight, bowline, cat's-paw, clinch, crown, cuckold's neck, figure of eight, half-knot, inside clinch, lash, loop, noose, ring or round seizing, running bowline, sailor's breastplate, sheepshank, slipknot, splice, turn.
4. [boat, box, brass, common, cut, finishing, roofing, screw, tree, or wire] nail, brad, butterfly hook, spike, [Allen, drive, drywall, flat- or roundhead, lag, machine, panhead, Robertson or Phillips] screw, setscrew, spike, staple, anchor, [anchor, chain, expansion, drift, extension, eye, hanger, machine, ring, toggle, or wing] bolt, [cotter] pin, staple, tack, thumbtack; rivet.
5. (adhering link) adhesive, Scotch, double-stick, Magic, duct, electrical, gaffer's, or masking tape; cement, glue, paste, mucilage, gum (see coherence); mortar, stucco, putty, lime, plaster, solder.
6. screwdriver, screw gun, nailer, riveter, impact driver, plate joiner, stapler, staple gun, glue gun. See instrumentality.
1. connect, link, join; tie in, plug in, hook up; associate, relate. See junction, relation.
2. attach, affix, fasten, bind, secure; blend, merge, fuse; tie, sew, stitch, tack, knit, button, hitch, knot, lash, truss, bandage, braid, splice, gird, tether, moor, picket, harness, chain; fetter, lock, latch, leash, couple, link, yoke, bracket, span, marry, wed.
3. pin, nail, bolt, clasp, clamp, clinch, screw, rivet, solder, weld, mortise, miter, dovetail, graft, entwine; interlace, entangle, intertwine.
Adjectives — firm, fast, tight, taut, secure, set, inseparable, indissoluble; mixed up.
Antonyms, see disjunction.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Relationship]
Syn. kinship, association, reciprocity; see association 2 , relationship .
2. [A junction]
Syn. combination, juncture, consolidation, conjunction; see union 1 .
3. [A link]
Syn. attachment, fastening, bond, nexus; see joint 1 , link .
4. [*An agent; often plural ]
Syn. contact, go-between, intermediary; see agent 1 , associate , messenger .
in connection with,
Syn. in conjunction with, associated with, together with; see about 1 , with .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. link tie, coupling, bond, juncture, union, association, relationship, marriage, network, attachment.
2. associate friend, relative, kin, sibling, acquaintance, contact, go-between, agent.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The state of being associated: affiliation, alliance, association, combination, conjunction, cooperation, partnership. See NEAR. 2. A point or position at which two or more things are joined: coupling, joint, junction, juncture, seam, union. See CONNECT. 3. A logical or natural association between two or more things: correlation, interconnection, interdependence, interrelationship, link, linkage, relation, relationship, tie-in. Informal: hookup. See CONNECT. 4. Something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing: association, connotation, suggestion. See SUGGEST. 5. An acquaintance who is in a position to help: contact, source. See CONNECT.

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